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French Savannah was created to promote French language and culture in the Savannah community through French focused cultural activities and social events

Some events, such as the upcoming ‘Rendezvous,’ will cater specifically to French speakers while others will provide the opportunity for anyone to partake in French culture.

French Savannah has more than 80 members.

Hi everyone and thank you for supporting our little community.

We are currently putting a team together that will be maintaining the Forum from now on and will do my best to bring you some exciting news, blogs and events.

Art, food, wine, music and more …

If you are interested in helping us in any way, if you think you can contribute to make our community thrive and grow, please email me info@frensavannah.com

The forum might be down for very short period of time while we will be redoing the graphics and rework it.

A bientot !
French Savannah Team